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Birth Family Reunion Surprise


Adopted Birth Sisters At Look Hair Salon


Adopted Sisters Only Had One

Photo Of Their Deceased Birth Parents


Found Birth Aunts, Uncle

And Cousins Who They Had Never Met

We Pretended They Were Hair Salon Customers

And Made Them A Birth Family Collage


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Birth Mother and Adopted Mother Hugs

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.Reunions family too

Adoptee Birth Mother Reunited

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With Problem Solver Extraordinaire Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil reunite people

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With Crime Fighter Hero John Walsh


July 28, 2015

By The Share Grill

When Hanns Jones stepped off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in mid-2001, he had every reason for wanting to throw in the crappy hand life had dealt him. Recently kicked out by his girlfriend, his career was going nowhere and a decades-long search for his father had resulted in precisely nothing. But on his way down, Jones had a realization. If he checked out now, his own son would suffer precisely the same Dad-shaped hole in his life as he had. So instead of giving up when he hit the water, he swam to safety. This was despite suffering a collapsed lung, broken neck, shattered ribs, and burst spleen—all so he might see his kid again. But that isn’t even the amazing bit. That came two weeks later, when Lynn-Marie Carty read about Jones’s suicide attempt online. Specifically, she read the bit about his missing father. And it just so happened that Lynn-Marie Carty was freaking amazing at finding missing people. Within six days of reading Jones’s story, she had tracked down his absent father and put the two in contact. After literally decades of searching, Jones had finally found his missing dad—all because someone cared enough about a stranger’s misery to sacrifice a week of her life helping him. Click Here

Hanns Skyway

Find My Father Featured On CNN

Lynn eyedoctor reunion

Eye Doctor Adopted Birth Sisters Reunion


Find My Father Reunion


Birth Father Delivered To Single Mother’s

Cash Register At The Mall


A Surprise Christmas Miracle Reunion


Birth Brother’s Reunited After 50 Years


Story Covered By Miami Herald

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Titled ” Oh Brother Thou Art Here”

tommy and Lynn 2015 a

Lynn With Her Wrongfully Convicted

Client William Thomas Zeigler Jr.

AKA Tommy Zeigler On Florida’s Death Row

For 40 Years Click Here For Tampa Bay Times Story

me 3

Justice Fighter Case Solver

Internationally Known Private Investigator

Lynn-Marie Carty

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Investigator Lynn-Marie Carty

With Her Pro Bono Florida Death Row

Client Of Five Years Tommy Zeigler

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Thank You Note From

The Beloved Iyanla

Iyanla Thank You Note 001

Reunite People Produced Two Reunion

TV Shows With Iyanla In New York

lynn-marie Carty executive producer

Executive Producer Lynn-Marie Carty

” A Question Of Innocence”

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Documentary Investigation Discovery

2016 A

John Philpin and Lynn

Investigator Lynn-Marie Carty With

World Renowned Criminal Profiler John Philpin

Who She Feels Blessed To Call Her Friend

Death Bed Confessions

Find Missing People

Solve Cold Cases